CBB-Series Valve Actuators

Key Features

  • New Dual O-Ring seal on each end of the torque shaft restrict external contaminants, providing a high level of corrosion and water resistance
  • O-Ring Sealed Cylinders essentially eliminate the possibility of any cylinder leakage throughout the full range of operating and climatic conditions
  • Standard Accessory Mounting Pad is identical on all CBB and CBA-300 Series models allowing the panel mounting of controls
  • Piston Heel and Yoke Pin Bearings manufactured from PTFE/bronze help ensure smooth and consistent torque output and increase total cycle life
  • Totally Enclosed Body provides complete protection of all internal moving parts and minimizes the chance of injury to operating personnel 
  • The Scotch-Yoke Mechanism transforms linear movement of the piston into a 90 degree rotating movement, providing optimum start or end torque 
  • Center Bar, made of high strength alloy steel, guides the piston throughout its full stroke, preventing metal to metal contact with the cylinder bore 
  • Bi-directional Travel Stops are an integral part of the actuator allowing 80° to 100° total travel adjustment. Extended travel stops are optional 
  • Critical Bearing Surfaces are permanently lubricated with a baked on dry film lubricant containing unique corrosion inhibitors 
  • XylanTM Cylinder Coating, the standard internal coating on all CBB-Series actuators. This fluoropolymer coating is highly resistant to abrasion, thermal shock and provides excellent lubricity and low friction properties. Corrosive properties of salts and other chemicals normally found in the atmosphere or instrument air supply system will not adversely affect its performance. XylanTM bonds to the chemically prepared surface of the steel cylinder so effectively that, unlike other coatings, cracking and flaking are virtually eliminated
  • Dual Valve Mounting Interface allows the flexibility to change the spring fail mode, without disassembly of the actuator, by simply inverting the actuator. They may be installed in any position; parallel or at right angles to the flow line, in the vertical or the horizontal plane